I have over 45+ years of experience in the field:

I have acted in professional productions across the U.S. and Europe, including Speel Theatre Holland, Seattle Children's Theatre (SCT), Seattle Repertory Theatre, Stage One (Louisville), Fulton Opera House (Lancaster, PA), National Theatre of the Deaf, and Deaf Spotlight (Seattle). In the TV-movie And Your Name is Jonah (1979), in the role of Woody, an ebullient Deaf man who befriends Jenny Corelli (Sally Struthers) and mentors her language-less deaf son Jonah (Jeff Bravin).


Performing with National Theatre of the Deaf

Visual description: Photo #1 - Billy on stage being supported up in the air about 10-15 feet high being held up by 10 other actors/actresses all wrapped in a line of flowers, Billy is dressed in blue velvet shorts and topless with flower garland crown pointing skyward.

ASL Master 
delivering a Prologue at Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Visual description: Billy is standing in front of a white board and presenting to an audience at OSF, dressed in black. 

I was a co-founder and director of the Deaf Youth Drama Program at Seattle Children's Theatre (DYDP, 1993-2007), that was an artist-in-residence program that served dozens of Deaf/HH classrooms across WA state and beyond.  I directed several SCT/DYDP productions.


I am the featured artist for Sign-A-Vision Institute's Stories in the Attic series and the featured instructor in Sign Enhancers’: The Bravo Family ASL vide0 course. I am a nationally-renowned master storyteller, have conducted workshops in dramatics, storytelling, creative use of ASL, and Deaf Culture, and interpreting. 

My brother, Howie Seago and I, recipients of the Gregory A. Falls Sustained Achievement Award. 10.22.2018

Visual Description-Howie and Billy standing dressed formally holding their Gregory Falls Achievement.  Photo credits Sound Theatre. 


Theater Interpreting, 

Romeo and Juliet

Visual Description- Billy is sitting in a chair with a notebook on his lap rehearsing lines with another interpreter at the ACT  Allen Theatre.  He is wearing a black shirt.

I have worked extensively as an ASL master/sign coach for theatrical interpreters in Seattle and at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.  In 2015, I performed in Deaf Spotlight’s production of God of Carnage.  In 2018, I had the honor of receiving the Gregory A. Falls Sustained Achievement Award alongside my brother.

I currently teach ASL for foreign language/CTE credits for high school students and continue my work as an artist, Educator, Entertainer, and Advocate.  I am a life-long Edutainer!